Hand Built, Hand Carved Stoneware

Playing with clay has become a meditative practice for me. Kneading and shaping the moist earth, feeling it begin to warm in my hands is usually all it takes to subdue my linear, left-brained thought structure. That little ball of earth pulls me in like some pied piper. I carve in clay, not so much for the finished product as for what the process does to me. Once in a while a piece will actually make it through all the steps required, from wedging to slab rolling, from forming and carving to bisqueing and glazing, from firing to opening the kiln lid. Sometimes magic happens inside that 2000 degree oven but I’m learning to become detached from the outcome. I am simply grateful for whatever the interlude brings. Many call it "being in the flow” or “experiencing the now”. Hand building with clay takes me to that place beyond time, a place where one is simply a part of the great all that is.  


Email me at cwalker07@atlanticbb.net to contact or make a purchase.

Suffused arbor
jewel in cell division
magic garden view one
magic garden view two
candy dish.jpg