Morality's So Heavy

morality’s so heavy with exclusions.
While Spirit holds all in delight. 

morality’s a doctrine of answers.
Spirit?...welcomes all questions.

morality basks in its history.
Spirit flows with the ever-changing “Is” of timelessness.

morality separates.
Spirit connects.

morality preaches.
Spirit listens.

morality says, “My way.”
Spirit says, “Al-ways.”

morality’s temple’s of brick and stone.
Spirit enshrines the boundless particles of Universal Energy.

morality worships “The Far Away”.
Spirit honors “The Here And Now”.

morality’s “obedience” is Spirit’s “compassion”.
morality’s “duty” is Spirit’s “privilege”.

morality dines in impeccable taste
While Spirit can feast on the curb.

And sometimes morality judges.
The Spirit?...  Accepts all blame.

morality gives so that all might see,
Yet unseen, the Spirit offers.

morality dictates from the intellect.
Spirit sustains from the heart.

Oh, you’ll often find them together.
They do so enjoy a good discourse at times.
Spirit says, “Hi! May I carry your load?”
“That’s O.K.” moral utters though strained.
“I’ve got it, thanks.”

Changing the subject morality chimes,
“Let’s go over there and teach them our ways.”
Spirit responds, “Let’s learn theirs.”

Together, they watch an old man
Who carefully polishes the temple steps.
“Hey! Ain’t you two gonna’ give me no help,”the man teases.

Spirit kneels beside the worn figure.
In harmony, they buff the stones to a warm elegance.

morality stares in disbelief
Confused by the odor of sweat, and cheap wine.

With that the young man woke from his peaceful sleep
As the chill of evening dissolved His dreams.
Retrieving His staff and stepping back into his sandals, 
He began the long trek downward.
And though the tired mortal descended to things undone,
His Spirit indulged in the blissful sunset.

Jody Walker