Too Full for the Well

I’m full of unshed tears for an ashen world,

Of songs unsung,
Trees unclimbed,
Roads not taken
And paths that may never cross again.

I’m full of oceans, 
Salty air
And a longing for both.

Full of dreams still hiding,
Promises sliding
And apology-barnacles clutching my throat.

So full of regrets and
Of snapshot moments,
Mother’s eyes,
A puppies love.
Depression’s earthquake-rip. 

I’m full of words,
Useless syllables I so long to weave.
Stories unwritten,
Poems unrhymed,
In that deep pool's reflection
Where I yearn to be.
If only I knew how! 
If only I could trust!

Good morning, Love.  I’m here at the well.
Empty me.

Jody Walker