I’m full of unshed tears for an ashen world,

Of songs unsung,
Trees unclimbed,
Roads not taken
And paths that may never cross again.

I’m full of oceans, 
Salty air
And a longing for both.

Full of dreams still hiding,
Promises sliding
And apology-barnacles clutching my throat.

So full of regrets and
Of snapshot moments,
My mom’s eyes,
A puppies love.
Depression’s earthquake-rip. 

I’m full of words,
Useless syllables I so longed to weave.
Stories unwritten,
Poems unrhymed, but it doesn’t matter.

I’m full of Life! Of Alpha and Omega,
The Wellspring of Truth!
As I greet the dawn, I seek only Love.

It is in emptiness that fullness abides.

Jody Walker